This the perfect weekend to sit yourself in front of the TV with a mug of hot cocoa and all those presents you still need to wrap, gloves you still need to knit, or menus you still need to plan. And if your holiday movie playlist is already played out, we have a treat for you – a marathon of BBC's clever and creative Dickensian.

Celebrating the unparalleled works of Charles Dickens, Dickensian takes us into a world where some of his most iconic characters co-exist, their story arcs overlapping in ways that make our literary hearts flutter. From Inspector Bucket (Bleak House) investigating the murder of Jacob Marley (A Christmas Carol), to Fagin (Oliver Twist) running deals with young Nell (The Curiosity Shop), it's a fascinating homage to one of the world's best known writers.

Dickensian broadcasts this Saturday, December 22, on WGBX 44, from 12pm – 9pm. Enjoy it real time, or set your DVR to catch up over your winter break.

And before you leap into the story, test out your knowledge of Dickens's most famous characters with our quiz below.