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GBH Fund for Local Journalism

Connecting the Commonwealth with Trusted Journalism

Since its inception, GBH has maintained a strong commitment to fostering an informed and active citizenry. Distinctive, impactful, accessible, community-driven reporting is central to upholding democracy. At a time when skepticism of news media is growing, and access to quality local reporting is no longer a given, GBH News is building on its trusted reputation and delivering quality local journalism to wide and expanding audiences.

The GBH Fund for Local Journalism supports the visionary transformation of GBH News and the outlet’s daily in-depth reporting on critical and timely issues. Gifts to the Fund provide flexible resources to support all aspects of GBH’s local journalism, including extensive, high quality reporting on stories that shape the future of Massachusetts communities. In short, the GBH Fund for Local Journalism powers the Foundation’s continued efforts to connect the Commonwealth and New England with trusted journalism.

GBH News is guided by a north star vision to evolve into a cohesive, audience-focused, multiplatform news organization that tells the most interesting and distinctive local stories of the day, infused and informed by the diverse communities it serves.
Pam Johnston, GBH News General Manager

For more information about supporting the GBH Fund for Local Journalism, please contact:

Tatiana Burgos-Espinal
Associate Director of Major Gifts

For more information about including GBH’s local journalism in your estate plans, please contact:
Julie Hallowell
Director of Gift Planning and Endowment

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