Danielle Nierenberg is the winner of the 2020 Julia Child Award, which celebrates leaders who are impacting the world through food. Nierenberg is president of Food Tank, a nonprofit organization focused on building a sustainable and healthy food system through research, events and outreach. In this conversation, she talks about Food Tank's mission, Julia Child's legacy for other women in the food industry, and her plan to create a fellowship to look at racial injustice in our nation's food system.

"They've literally changed our lives by honoring us with this award," Nierenberg said. "It's still a shock to me that someone so iconic, my name is even associated with hers. She is not only an American icon, but somebody who really showed how women could really rise up in the food system, and make a name for themselves without having to really follow the same path as men."

Nierenberg will receive the award at The Smithsonian Food History Gala (virtual)on October 15.