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Steve Curran

Founder & Creative Director, Pod Design

**Steve Curran** is Founder and Creative Director of Pod Design, a branded games and interactive design studio that was acquired by Connelly Partners in 2013. With Connelly Partners, Steve has been Executive Creative Director leading the development of games, mobile applications and VR solutions. Steve has been delivering award-winning interactive entertainment and marketing since 1990. He has directed website design and branded content for clients such as A+E Television, WGBH, Warner Brothers, History Channel, Red Bull Records, Sony Entertainment, Burger King, and many others. Before starting Pod, he was VP / Creative Director of Gametek where he was involved with the development and marketing of numerous best-selling titles for Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Playstation. He is the author of Motion Graphics: Design for Television and Film, and Convergence Design for Interactive Television, Broadband and Wireless, and a contributing author to the book, Connected Marketing.