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Robert Vinson

veteran, Vietnam War, massage therapist

Bob Vinson has been a body worker since 1991. He began as a muscular therapist, a graduate from the Muscular Therapy Institute, and was a full time member of their staff for ten years. In 1999, Bob became SI certified in structural integration. Well respected in his field, Bob is regularly asked to teach the curriculum to other body workers around the world. Before Bob discovered his passion for supporting others through body work, he served as the executive director of the Merrimac Valley Goodwill Industries, and worked at the Department of Mental Health and Retardation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He served his country from 1967 - 1972 as a soldier in the US Army, and from 1969-1970 was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, where his war experiences moved him to become a peace activist. Bob has a B.A. Degree in Sociology from UMass Amherst, and a Masters Degree from the Heller School at Brandeis University.