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Nadine Sebai | The Public’s Radio

Nadine Sebai is a reporter for The Public's Radio in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Her voice has been heard on NPR, KQED, KXJZ, BBC World, KPFA, and KALX.

For the last two years, Sebai has been working as a local journalism partner with PBS FRONTLINE on an investigative series.Prior to this, she was the interim state government reporter at Capital Public Radio where she covered education and the Legislature. Prior to that, Sebai was an intern at KQED Public Radio for The California Report Magazine. She worked as a Producer/Researcher at AJ+ and a reporter at AJ+ for Documenting Hate, the collaborative project launched by ProPublica.

In May 2016, Sebai graduated from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism with a concentration in radio and investigative reporting.

She received an Emmy-nomination for her work as Lead Researcher on Rape on the Night Shift, a PBS Frontline, Univision, Reveal, KQED, and Investigative Reporting Program collaborative investigation on sexual assault in the janitorial industry. She’s also received awards for her radio reporting, including a Mark of Excellence Award for In-Depth Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists and a Reva and David Logan Prize for Excellence in Investigative Reporting.

Prior to becoming a journalist, Sebai worked as an accountant for a top-rated mutual fund while attending the University of Miami. She also worked as an investigative analyst in Chicago, where she conducted background investigations on hedge-fund managers.