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Mike Rubenstein

VP Integrated Operations, Hill Holiday

**Mike Rubenstien** is the Vice President of Integrated Operations at Hill Holiday, where the divide between “Digital” and “Traditional” advertising is nonexistent. Primarily because of people like Mike, who provide vital connective tissue between departments, specialties, and technologies. Leveraging his expertise as an art director, producer, and studio manager, Mike applies a holistic approach to projects in the integrated space, working closely with multidisciplinary teammates to ensure that their core concepts are supported by the right expertise to yield cross-platform optimization. Recently, Mike was part of the team from Hill Holiday working on the first commercial in-motion Oculus Rift experience at Sundance 2015 for Merrell called #TrailScape – an immersive journey that transported people to a virtual basecamp in the mountains. The installation brought a new level of physicality to virtual reality, engaging participants with an experience that allowed them to explore a virtual environment by actually walking through it, interacting with the objects they encountered, and expanding what would typically be a strictly audio/visual medium into a tactile one as well.