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Lea Donosky

interactivity manager, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lea Donosky is an experienced manager of online interactivity and strategic planning. As The Atlanta Journal-Constitutions' first internet Interactivity Manager, she has been a frequently requested panelist and advisor on blogs, social networks and employee participation in social networking. In more than three years as liaison with and advocate for visitors of ajc.com, blog traffic increased more than 10 fold, to half a billion page views annually, which generated more than 15,000 comments/interactions a week online. She is responsible for developing strategy and content for several web channels. Prior to in her Internet career, she was a journalist for the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Newsweek Magazine and The Chicago Tribune. A native Texan, reporting assignments have taken her to live in New York City, London, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Her coverage, and later editing of local, regional, national and international issues, inform her outlook on technology and business.