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Joe Conason

columnist, political commentator

Joe Conason is national correspondent for *The New York Observer*, where he writes a weekly column distributed by Creators Syndicate. He is also a columnist for Salon.com, and the Director of the Nation Institute Investigative Fund. His books *Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth*, and *The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, with Gene Lyons*, were both national bestsellers. His latest book, *It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush*, was released in February 2007. His writing and reporting have appeared in many publications, including *Harpers*, *The Guardian*, *The Nation*, and *The New Republic*. He also appears frequently on television and radio (notably as a regular Friday guest on "Air America's The Al Franken Show"). He lives with his wife in New York City.