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Jack Bishop

editorial director, America's Test Kitchen

Jack Bishop is the editorial director of *America's Test Kitchen*. He joined the staff of *Cook's* magazine in 1988 and helped with the launch of *Cook's Illustrated* in 1993. He established the tasting protocols used in *America's Test Kitchen* and has authored dozens of articles for the magazine. Jack directed the launch of *Cook's Country* magazine and oversees editorial operations at both magazines. He is a cast member of *America's Test Kitchen*, the top-rated public television cooking show now in its eighth season. He is also a cast member of the new TV show *Cook's Country*, which aired with its first season in September 2008. Jack edited *The Best Recipe* (1999) and established the books division at *America's Test Kitchen*. He is the author of several cookbooks, including *A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen*, *Vegetables Every Day*, *The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook*, *Pasta e Verdura*, and *Lasagna*. Jack's wife, Lauren Chattman, is a cookbook author and former pastry chef. They have two daughters.