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Ifeanyi Menkiti

professor, philosophy, Wellesley College

Ifeanyi Menkiti teaches courses in the area of Medical Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy and Literature, and African Philosophy at Wellesley College. He joined the faculty in 1973. He was born in Onitsha, Nigeria and studied at Pomona College from which he received a BA in 1964. He subsequently earned an M.S. from Columbia University (1965), an MA from New York University (1968), and a PhD from Harvard in 1974. He has published articles on philosophical issues in such journals as *The Philosophical Forum*, *The Journal of Value Inquiry*, *The Harvard Educational Review*, and *The Journal of the American Academy of Religion*. Professor Menkiti is also a poet whose writing has been aired on National Public Radio. He received a poetry award from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts in 1978. He has published three volumes: *Affirmations* (1971), *The Jubilation of Falling Bodies* (1978), and *Of Altair, the Bright Light* (2005). He is the owner of the historic Grolier Poetry Bookshop in Harvard Square.