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Hurst Lin

Co-Founder of DCM China and General Partner

Hurst Lin is the Co-Founder of DCM China and a General Partner. Hurst was a Co-Founder of SINA and a pioneer in the development of China’s Internet industry. As a Co-Founding General Partner of DCM China, Hurst brought with him experience and know-how in running start-ups to help entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their businesses. At DCM, Hurst focuses primarily on consumer Internet businesses including eCommerce, digital media, online travel, mobile apps, and O2O. Hurst’s investments include Vipshop, 58.com, Tuniu, Wandoujia, 51Talk, Hudong (aka. Baike.com), Oriental Standard, PapayaMobile, Pharmaron, Luxin, Facishare (aka Fxiaoke), Ujipin, Huochebang, Tiebaobei, Udesk, Akulaku, DaGong, Huixiaoer and Kwai.