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Fred W. Friendly

former president, CBS News

Fred W. Friendly, a pioneering CBS News producer and distinguished media scholar, enjoyed a sixty-year career as remarkable for its longevity as for its accomplishments. As the technically creative and dramatically inspired producer for CBS correspondent Edward R. Murrow, Friendly helped enliven and popularize television news documentary in the decade after World War II, when television news was still in its infancy. After resigning from CBS as its News Division president in 1966, Friendly found a second career as an author and as creator of a series of moderated seminars on media and society. Friendly, in his post-CBS years, turned his interests to writing and teaching about media and law. In a span of twenty years, Friendly authored several books that traced the history of people involved in landmark Supreme Court cases, including *Minnesota Rag*,* The Good Guys*, T*he Bad Guys and the First Amendment*, and *The Constitution: That Delicate Balance. At the Ford Foundation*