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Doug Zook

Ecologist, U Mass Boston School for the Environment

**Doug Zook** received his PhD in Ecology with particular focus on lichens from Clark University. He was selected and served on three occasions as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany and Poland. At Boston University for 28 years, Doug with friend and esteemed colleague the late Lynn Margulis started the Microcosmos project in the late 1980s that helped to bring the importance of the vast microbial world into school curricula nationwide and overseas. As professor, he focused on teaching global ecology, symbiosis, and overseeing the preparation of over 400 students to become engaging science teachers. He has led field trips to the most biodiverse area of the Amazon in eastern Ecuador as well as to New Zealand and has given over 200 invited presentations, including at Oxford (UK), Krakow and Gdansk (Poland), Duesseldorf and Tuebingen (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Puerto Rico, Auckland and NZ), Exploratorium (San Francisco), New Mexico, NYC Hall of Science, Ottawa (Canada), and New York Acadmy of Science. Doug has brought his Global Ecology Education Initiative and its unique “Calling Home” e-zine to UMass/Boston and its School for the Environment.