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Dave Morimoto

Professor of Biology and Chair of Natural Science and Mathematics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Lesley University.

**David Morimoto** is an ecologist, conservation biologist, and animal behaviorist by training. He has studied the effects of forest fragmentation on Ovenbirds in Massachusetts and performed basic bird inventories in the tropics, most recently on the Rupununi River in Guyana, South America. He is currently involved in urban bird research studying Cambridge birds and is working on the development of citizen science initiatives and the creation of a biodiversity map of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge and Watertown. Most recently, he has been studying the reforestation (that he calls reforestoration)of rice fields on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. His areas of academic focus and expertise include: ecology, ornithology, conservation biology, and animal behavior. He is very interested in Complexity Science and in unifying principles of complex systems. His teachers have included visionary scientists Lynn Margulis (symbiosis in evolution) and Richard Forman (Landscape Ecology). David holds a BS from Stonehill College and a MA and PhD from Boston University.