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Daniel Wallace


Daniel Wallace is author of four novels, including *Big Fish* (1998), *Ray in Reverse* (2000), *The Watermelon King* (2003) and most recently *Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician* (2007). He has written one book for children, *Elynora*, and in 2008 it was published in Italy, with illustrations by Daniela Tordi. *O Great Rosenfeld!*, the only book both written and illustrated by the author, has been released in France and Korea and is forthcoming in Italy, but there are not, at this writing, any plans for an American edition. His work has been published in over two dozen languages, and his stories, novels and non-fiction essays are taught in high schools and colleges throughout this country. His illustrations have appeared in *the Los Angeles Times*, *Italian Vanity Fair*, and many other magazines and books, including *Pep Talks*, *Warnings*, and *Screeds: Indispensible Wisdom and Cautionary Advice for Writers*, by George Singleton, and *Adventures in Pen Land: One Writer's Journey from Inklings to Ink*, by Marianne Gingher. *Big Fish* was made into a motion picture of the same name by Tim Burton in 2003, a film in which the author plays the part of a professor at Auburn University. He is in fact the J. Ross MacDonald Distinguished Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is also his alma mater (Class of '08).