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Corby Kummer

writer, The Atlantic

Corby Kummer's work in *The Atlantic* has established him as one of the most widely read, authoritative, and creative food writers in the US. Julia Child once said, "I think he's a very good food writer. He really does his homework. As a reporter and a writer he takes his work very seriously." Kummer's 1990 Atlantic series about coffee was heralded by foodies and the general public alike. The response to his recommendations about coffees and coffee-makers was typical: suppliers scrambled to meet the demand. Kummer's recent book, *The Pleasures of Slow Food*, celebrates local artisans who raise and prepare the foods of their regions with the love and expertise that come only with generations of practice. Kummer was restaurant critic of *New York Magazine* in 1995 and 1996 and since 1997 has served as restaurant critic for *Boston Magazine*. He is also a frequent food commentator on television and radio. He was educated at Yale, and came to *The Atlantic Monthly* in 1981. He is the recipient of three James Beard Journalism Awards, including the MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award.