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Anika Selhorst

program director, City Lore

Since graduating from HGSEs Arts in Education program in 2003, Anika has continued to dedicate her career to promoting arts education through nonprofit work in New York City. In 2003, she interned at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Following her internship, she next worked for Cool Culture, an urban nonprofit organization that partners with cultural institutions to provide education and free admission to families of Head Start students. At Cool Culture, Anika devoted her time toward developing education and outreach programs; of her accomplishments there, she is most proud of the fairs she organized, putting museums and Head Start representatives in direct contact with each other in order to generate new partnerships aimed at promoting arts education. Anika now serves as the School Programs Director at City Lore, a nonprofit organization focused on conveying the richness of New York Citys cultural heritage through educational programs and publications. Demonstrated by the fact that it is a research site for Project Zeros Qualities of Quality: Excellence in Arts Education and How to Achieve It study, City Lore is notable for its long history of bringing high-quality arts experiences to the community.