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Allison Stanger

professor, international politics, economics, Middlebury College

Allison Stanger is the Russell Leng '60 Professor of International Politics and Economics at Middlebury College and director of the Rohatyn Center for International Affairs. Stanger was a research fellow for the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University, the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education in Prague, the Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada in Moscow, the Brookings Institution, and the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. She has also served as a visiting Professor of Government at Harvard University and contributed to several projects including the Booz Allen Hamilton project on the World's Most Enduring Institutions, the Woodrow Wilson School Task Force on the Changing Nature of Government Service, and the Princeton Project on National Security. Stanger is the author of *One Nation Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy* and co-editor and co-translator, with Michael Kraus, of *Irreconcilable Differences? Explaining Czechoslovakia's Dissolution*. Her essays and opinion pieces have appeared in numerous publications, including *The New York Times*, *The Washington Post*, *The Financial Times*, and the *International Herald Tribune*.