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A Whiskey Soaked News Quiz

Flickr Creative Commons/Can Mustafa Ozdemir

After 30 years in the beer industry, including helping to start Sam Adams, Rhonda Kallman is now bringing locally distilled whiskey and spirits to Boston. In 2015, Kallman opened the Boston Harbor Distillery in Dorchester. The all brick factory that houses the distillery has been around since 1859. Kallman says, that the rich history has helped influence the company and their liquor.

Whiskeys like the Putnam New England Whiskey, named after a nail manufacture from the 1880’s that once used the factory, and Seymour’s Coffee Liqueur, a homage to Seymour’s Ice Cream; the last company to inhabit the factory, and the creators of the Nutty Butty.

Kallman, along with  WGBH’s own News Man Henry Santoro, joined Jim and Margery to drink some whiskey and attempt a boozy News Quiz.

Listen above to hear Rhonda Kallman and Henry Santoro give the News quiz a shot

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