Nevada primary voters dealt Nikki Haley a rough loss this week, and former President Donald Trump wasn't even on the ballot. Their preferred alternative? Nobody.

Haley took second place, finishing more than 30 points behind a generic "none of these candidates" option. With no delegates at stake — Trump won all of those later, in a caucus run by the Nevada Republican Party — the loss was a symbolic one.

Instead of focusing on Nevada, Haley's been looking ahead. She has her sights set on her home state of South Carolina, which votes later this month, and the March 5 Super Tuesday contests in 15 states, including Massachusetts. She also has her eye on the general election, where polls show her faring well against President Joe Biden, but only if she can manage to overtake Trump's wide lead in the Republican primaries.

Jennifer Nassour, the chair of Haley's campaign in Massachusetts and a former head of the Mass. GOP, joins Katie Lannan to discuss where Haley and her backers go from here and what it could mean for Bay State voters and politicians alike.

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