Boston Mayor Michelle Wu will give her second State of the City speech tonight at the MGM Music Hall in Fenway.

The proceedings start at 7 p.m., with Wu slated to deliver her remarks just after 7:30 p.m. She's expected to focus on housing, schools and the broader state of families and youth in the city. In the process, she'll likely address a plan to close up to half of Boston's public schools that was recently floated by the administration and then promptly walked back.

Boston's racial evolution will probably get a mention, too, on the heels of Wu's apology to Boston’s entire Black community for two Black men wrongly linked to Carol Stuart's murder in 1989.

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  • A new plan issued by Boston Public Schools showed the district could close half of its public schools in the coming years in response to declining enrollment, deteriorating infrastructure and inequitable student experiences.
  • The next day, Superintendent Mary Skipper sent a follow-up message to school principals that the most extreme scenario outlined in the plan would not happen.
  • Last month, Wu apologized to Boston’s “entirely Black community” for the terror the city of Boston inflicted in the wake of Carol DiMaiti Stuart’s murder in 1989.