Former Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey made a huge splash on a national scale by taking on the likes of former President Donald Trump, Juul, Purdue Pharma and more. It's no secret Andrea Joy Campbell was Healey's top pick to succeed her in that role. Now, with just a few weeks under her belt as attorney general, Campbell is considering a similar national strategy.

"I think it's critical," Campbell told host Callie Crossley on GBH's Basic Black. "What I've told folks is we can focus on all the issues here. We have significant work to do, but it would be a missed opportunity if we weren't showing up nationally."

Campbell said other states look to Massachusetts when establishing laws and best practices on issues such as criminal law reform and police accountability.

"These are areas where we will lead," Campbell said. "And we should be talking about how we're doing it nationally while balancing local concerns. We can do both."

Healey and Campbell formed a tight bond that was put on display during their time campaigning together. How will Campbell, the people's lawyer, now hold Gov. Healey's office accountable?

The attorney general made it clear: "I'm accountable to the people, not the legislature, not the governor. I don't answer to them. I answer to the people."

Campbell has been settling into her role, beginning largely with internal meetings to outline top priorities and messaging.

Campbell noted gun enforcement, reproductive rights, protecting vulnerable communities, housing and environment as major highlights her office is working on.

She called Massachusetts a leader on progressive policies relating to issues such as guns and abortion, and called her job the best in the country for being in a position to provide quick solutions to some of the most pressing issues. Campbell said she's already had to file briefs taking on people who want to challenge the state's gun laws and assault weapons ban.

"I think this is our opportunity to be bold and courageous. As we see more shootings, more gun violence in this country, residents are expecting AGs to step up and I'm going to do just that."

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