Gov. Charlie Baker is making a final push to protect victims of assault, domestic violence and sexual abuse, but his proposal is not being received with open arms by all. His legislation would expand the list of offenses that would allow courts to detain a suspect.

And while no one is arguing about the governor’s goal of protecting victims, more than 30 legal and advocacy groups released a joint statement opposing his particular plan. Talking Politics host Adam Reilly is joined by Reyna Ramirez, a defense attorney and partner at Ramirez and Sunnerberg, and Elizabeth Dineen, the executive director of Western Massachusetts YWCA, to discuss the pros and cons of Baker’s legislation.

And with the state political conventions over, the race to the primary finish line in September is on. Politico Massachusetts Playbook’s Lisa Kashinksy and Axios Boston’s Mike Deehan joined Adam to discuss what the field looks like now for key positions.

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Watch: Why are many opposed to Governor Baker’s newest sexual assault legislation?