On Thursday, Mayor Michelle Wu released the complete file on Patrick Rose, Sr., former Boston Police Patrolman’s Association union chief and convicted child-sex abuser. Interim Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden joined Boston Public Radio to discuss the case, as well as his campaign for DA in this fall’s election.

“As far as Mr. Rose is concerned, what we did was bring him to justice,” Hayden said. “What we did is charge him with the offenses that we could charge him for and hold him accountable for those.”

The original Rose files came under criticism for being heavily redacted, yet the newly released versions didn't include any documents that would shed light on how Rose stayed on the police force for over 20 years after the initial reports about him in 1995. Hayden said he was glad the files were turned over, but understands the need for some redaction.

“I understand now that the file has been completely turned over, with the exception of redaction. ... I think that's great,” he said. “I know that there is a certain level of redaction that has to occur in cases like this, I would do the same. Again, we were focused on the charging and prosecuting and holding Mr. Rose accountable for the crimes that he committed that we knew could hold up in a court of law.”

On gun violence, following a string of mass shootings in recent weeks and a Supreme Court case that could broaden open carry laws in Massachusetts, Hayden said his focus is on illegal guns.

“In the job I do, I don't think that our concern is with people who are legally carrying firearms,” he said. “Our concern with firearms, and the extent to which they can drive cycles of violence and shootings and murders and the like comes from illegal possession on the streets.”

Hayden also responded to Wu’s endorsement of his opponent, Boston City Councilor Richardo Arroyo, in the DA race.

“I'm not aggravated by her decision,” he said, focusing instead on comparing his background to Arroyo’s, who has highlighted his time in public defense in his campaign.

“He [Arroyo] touts his record of being a criminal defense attorney. I was a criminal defense attorney for longer than he was,” Hayden said. “I know what it's like to represent individuals who are caught up in our system, who sometimes are unjustly caught up in our system. So in addition to being a prosecutor, I've done that. I've also led a state agency at the sex offender registry board for eight years. So compare that to his limited experience as a criminal defense attorney. And in my opinion, and I hope that the voters will agree, there's just simply no comparison.”

Hayden will face Arroyo in the Massachusetts State Primary elections on Tuesday, Sept. 6.