Although Donald Trump left the Oval Office two years ago, he still has his hand in politics, and candidates who earned his endorsement largely came out on top in primaries this week. That shows the influence Trump still has on voters, politics experts told Sue O'Connell on Greater Boston — Trump is unlike other former presidents in that he is very much still involved in primary politics.

"Trump kind of broke the mold as to what current presidents, sitting presidents and former presidents do with respect to their party. So it's not surprising. I think he enjoys being in the limelight. He enjoys wielding influence," said Ozzie Palomo, managing director of Chartwell Strategy Group.

Jacquetta Van Zandt, host of the Politics and Prosecco Videocast, said involvement in primary politics is where Republicans are "beating us at the door," as Democrats don't usually get quite as involved as the GOP, even with midterms around the corner.

As midterms approach, Democrats will be looking for a rallying call to mobilize the base back to where it was when President Joe Biden was elected, said Palomo, noting that issues such as the economy and inflation will impact voters significantly.

Watch: GOP primaries show Trump’s continued influence on voters