After being under consideration for 150 years, plans for reparations are starting to emerge across the country. Questions remain: Wat will these reparations plans look like, and how likely are people to accept them?

On this episode of Talking Politics, Host Saraya Wintersmith is joined by Duke University economist and author of "From Here to Equality" William Darity Jr. to discuss the national debate.

Darity said he’s seen a positive change in public acceptance for reparations, and pledged to continue pushing regardless of how likely they are to pass.

“America will never provide its Black citizens with the full material conditions for citizenship unless it provides reparations at the national level,” Darity said.

Guests Tammy Tai, deputy director of King Boston, and Jemadari Kamara, chair of Africana studies at UMass Boston and a co-author of the Boston proposal, also joined Wintersmith. They expressed hope that reparations would happen at the local and federal levels. Tai and Kamara laid out potential solutions for identifying who could qualify, and what public acceptance might look like in Boston.

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Watch: Reparations debates are ramping up at the national and local levels