Former President Donald Trump has not been in the headlines lately, but many scholars of democracy are warning about the long-term threats that his four years in office pose to the country’s future unless Congress — and the American electorate — take action. Bina Venkataraman, editorial page editor for the Boston Globe, joined Jim Braude to discuss the new project from the paper that explores the potential risks to American representative government and argues for key corrective reforms.

Some of those reforms include: Compelling the president to divest from assets and businesses and release tax returns; making anti-nepotism laws apply to the president and vice president; increased protection for whistleblowers and more Congressional oversight; constraining the pardon power; and prosecuting Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, efforts to overturn election results and incitement of an insurrection.

“It’s more important than ever that we do what we can to keep our democracy,” Venkataraman said. “That we recognize that what Donald trump did — it’s not just these specific abuses of power, but really leaving a treasure map for future corrupt leaders to exploit. “

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