Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s designation of racism as a Boston public-heath crisis this month garnered plenty of headlines. But three months ago, Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo offered a similar assessment — and proposed the creation of an independent racial-equity office he said could start working to alleviate the problem.

On the heels of Walsh’s announcement, Arroyo offers his take on what the mayor is getting right when it comes to race (and COVID) and what he’s getting wrong. Arroyo also weighs in on Boston Police Commissioner William Gross’s surprise visit with US Attorney General Bill Barr. First, though, Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly talk about Gross’s confab, the Boston Police Department’s troubling penchant for stopping drivers of color, and Governor Charlie Baker’s push for a system that can license — and de-license — police officers across the state, which might include some new earning opportunities that strike critics as ill conceived.

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