On Tuesday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh appeared on CNN to discuss reopening the city. During the interview, Walsh said that he has been in close contact with Gov. Charlie Baker to coordinate reopening the city and the state.

John King, CNN’s Chief National Correspondent, said that it was refreshing to see the mayor of a large city working with the governor of the state, despite both being from different political parties. King said that in several states, Democratic mayors of big cities have been clashing with Republican governors over the proper way to reopen.

“I know Charlie Baker is not a Trump Republican, some people would say he could easily be a moderate Democrat — but you do see if you look at the state of Texas, you look at the state of Georgia, where a lot of these big city mayors ... are having issues with the speed of the governor and the lack of consultation from the governor,” King said during an interview with Boston Public Radio on Tuesday. “So, it was actually encouraging to see that ... you have your Democratic mayor saying ‘you know what, we’re trying to stay on the same page and we keep in constant touch.”

King is CNN’s chief national correspondent and the anchor of “Inside Politics.”