When Vice President Mike Pence made the Sunday news show rounds, he largely stuck to his talking points, working his way around questions to deliver the message he wanted to give. NBC Meet The Press moderator Chuck Todd told Boston Public Radio on Thursday, Pence "filibustered" during the interview, making it difficult to have a dialogue.

Todd asked why President Donald Trump tweeted about how Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia should “liberate” themselves from stay at home orders, despite having just the day before laid out the guidelines for how states should reopen.

"Pence said, 'Well the president is anxious and excited about opening the economy,' then I asked him if he's flouting his own guidelines, and Pence said he disagreed with the premise of the question. And you're just like, 'Okay, I stated a fact'" said Todd. "I guess the whole goal here of this task force is they want to pretend Trump doesn't say certain things that he says."