On Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders will hold a rally on the Boston Common just days before Super Tuesday. On Monday, Sanders plans to attend an event in Minnesota. Though he has polled well in both states, they are both also the homes of his Democratic primary rivals Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

During an interview with Boston Public Radio on Thursday, NBC News’ Political Director said that his campaigning in the home states of his opponents is a sign of Sanders’ confidence in his ability to win the most delegates on Super Tuesday. However, Todd cautioned that Sanders’ attempt to win the home states of Klobuchar and Warren could backfire by causing them to depart the race clearing the way for a more formidable challenge from another candidate to block Sanders from the nomination.

“There’s part of me that says to Bernie, ‘you know, you actually benefit keeping Warren and Klobuchar in this race longer,’” Todd said. “You get the one-on-one that may or may not benefit you the way you’d like [it] to do.”

Todd is the moderator of Meet the Press, host of Meet the Press Daily on MSNBC, and the Political Director for NBC news.