Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, presidential candidate, joined Boston Public Radio in Manchester, N.H. on Tuesday to make the case for himself in the primary. Bennet is polling at less than 1 percent in New Hampshire, but said he is concerned about some of his challengers' abilities to defeat Donald Trump.

"I am concerned that what's required to win a Democratic primary is different than what's going to be required to win the general election," said Bennet. "I think I've got an agenda that people all over the country can run on. ... If we nominate somebody that folks like [New Hampshire Sen.] Jeanne Shaheen and [Sen.] Maggie Hassan here in New Hampshire can't run with, that's going to be an issue for us."

Though he rejects a moderate label, Bennet has staked himself as a centrist in the Democratic field, particularly on health care policy, when compared to the Medicare for All proposals supported by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Bennet supports a public option to be made alongside private insurance.

"I don't want this country to spend the next 10 years spending a losing battle for Medicare For All,. There's so much else at stake," he said. "I think we could build a ton of political momentum for progressive causes by reversing the 20 years of tax cuts we've had in this country, by reducing childhood poverty by 40 percent, by having an educational system that's liberating people from their economic circumstances, dealing with climate change, and reforming our government. ... You do one, it gives you momentum to do the next thing, and the next thing."