On Friday, Beat the Press host Emily Rooney joined Boston Public Radio for her weekly list of fixations and fulminations. This time around, with Jim and Margery broadcasting from Manchester, N.H., ahead of Tuesday’s primaries, Rooney decided to bring a special first-in-the-nation themed list of trivia.

“This is my New Hampshire primary trivia, some of which you know, but maybe not the backstory,” Rooney said.

This year's primary, she pointed out, arrives on a centennial anniversary... of sorts.

"New Hampshire has been first in the nation since 1916, but the tradition of insisting that they be first in the nation started in 1920. So it’s exactly 100 years,” she explained.

The three WGBH News hosts went on to discuss significant primary results of elections past, the five-person town of Dixville Notch, N.H., and the Granite State's must-visit diners for presidential hopefuls.