President Donald Trump was met with bipartisan criticism when he announced his intentions to pull American troops out of Northern Syria. And, as the impeachment inquiry moves forward, Trump is now facing a new wrinkle: Two associates who were aiding his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani were arrested on charges of illegally funneling foreign money into Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Joining Boston Public Radio on Monday for their weekly political round table, Charlie Chieppo, a senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute and an adjunct professor at Suffolk University, and Michael Curry, senior vice president and general counsel at the Mass League of Community Health Centers, said the news could be enough to push popular sentiment against Trump.

“Even if you don’t focus on the slaughter of these innocent people, you’ve got 800 family members of ISIS who were set free or escaped,” Chieppo said. “We’re driving the Kurds, these long-time allies, into the hands of Assad of all people in Syria. It’s just tragic.”

Curry said he hoped that the pullback of U.S. forces from Syria, in addition to the mounting evidence that Trump has been calling on foreign leaders to investigate his political opponent, will be enough to convince Republicans to join Democrats in supporting impeachment.

“You can only deflect, lie and evade the truth so long, and I would hope Americans of all good conscience including many on the GOP side would say ‘OK, enough is enough,’” Curry said.

Chieppo is also a principal of Chieppo Strategies and Curry is a member of the national NAACP Board of Directors.