The media has been left grappling with how to convey the truth during Donald Trump's presidency. Should they fact check the president after he speaks, put out separate articles tracking his statements, or should they do it live?

Emily Rooney, host of Beat The Press,, said she's noticed CNN trying to live fact check President Trump on air.

"A lot of people have been doing fact checking, usually after the president speaks, they come back with a panel ... you can't fact check in real time it's almost impossible," she said. "But CNN ... they know almost word for word what he's going to say, so this week they started putting up these graphics that carry him live, but, side-by-side, they carry a graphic that basically refutes what he's saying."

Rooney said she has mixed feelings about the practice, as CNN has not started doing this for Democrat presidential candidates.

"There's a sanctimony about it, too," she said. "It's a worry for me for CNN, just a journalistic purity ... I'm not saying I'm completely against it I just think there's a danger."