Miles Howard took multiple bus trips around the country throughout the 2016 election, talking to millennial voters and conducting researching for his first book, “The Early Voters: Millennials in Their Own Words on the Eve of a New America."

Howard joined Boston Public Radio Tuesday to talk about what millennial voters are looking for in 2020.

"Climate is huge," Howard said about one of the most pressing issues to millennial voters. He added, "The influence of big money in politics and the sense that politicians are bought off and doing the bidding of higher powers. That’s another thing I hear from a lot of you voters these days."

In addition to climate change and the influence of money in politics, Howard said the economy is one of the most significant issues for millennial voters.

"The economy is big too, in the sense that millennials are still searching for some modicum of economic security that has kind of evaded them for most of their lives," Howard said.