Just minutes into the first Democratic presidential debate Wednesday night, President Donald Trump's reelection campaign had taken over a prime spot: The top advertising banner on YouTube's homepage.

Urging supporters to text messages to the president's campaign, Trump said in a previously recorded video that when "we stand united as Americans, we're unstoppable."

"There is nothing like what we've done. There has never been a movement like this in the history of our country. Maybe in the history of the world, if you think about it," Trump says in the video.

The president warned he would not be available to live-tweet the debate, writing in a tweet hours before the start of the debate that he was "on Air Force One, off to save the Free World!" He urged supporters to follow his political allies for counterpoints to the Democrats.

However, a little over 30 minutes into the debate, Trump gained access to the Internet long enough to tweet: "BORING!"

The president also criticized NBC, the network that was broadcasting Wednesday's debate, for a cringe-worthy technical glitch that required moderators to take a break. Trump again called the network a "FAKE NEWS Organization."