House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stance on impeachment has been questioned and scrutinized since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report in May.

While Pelosi has not publicly called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, to the chagrin of some Democrats, privately she has taken a different tact, even telling fellow Democrats she wants to see Trump in prison last Tuesday in a closed door meeting, according to Politico.

John King, CNN's Chief National Correspondent and host of Inside Politics, joined Boston Public Radio Tuesday to discuss the latest comments by Pelosi and the thin line she has to walk as House Speaker.

King told BPR that Pelosi is caught in a position where she needs to placate the Democratic base while not alienating votes, and losing the House majority gained last year.

“Her argument to the base is, 'As a congresswoman from San Francisco, sure I’d vote for impeachment. As the Speaker of the House, I need to protect those 40 seats or else, if we lose them in the 2020 election, we aren’t the majority anymore,'" he said. “She has a difficult job.”