Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis urged his fellow Democrats to avoid pushing for impeachment and instead to focus on the 2020 election in an interview with Boston Public Radio Tuesday.

“I’m not a big impeachment fan — I think we just go out and beat [President Trump's] brains in, politically, in two years,” Dukakis said.

A survey released in April by NPR, PBS Newshour and Marist Poll found that 70 percent of Democratic respondents said they would definitely vote for a candidate who supported the idea of impeachment.

“I really don’t think that spending a lot of time on impeachment makes sense,” Dukakis said. “I just think we’ve got to get out there and work our tails off in every single one of the states.”

Dukakis emphasized a “50 state” solution unifying both traditionally red and blue states in a grassroots effort.

Dukakis also said he sees Trump as a challenging politician for journalists to cover.

"I think it's very difficult to cover this president," Dukakis said. He questioned whether Trump means what he says, which he said makes him tricky to report on.

“The fact of the matter is, he’s a pathological liar. I mean, that’s clear,” Dukakis said. He added, "I’m not being a wiseguy about this, I don’t even know if he knows that he lies, but he lies all the time.”