Gov. Charlie Baker made waves this week when he “mispoke” and did not affirmatively say that he would be voting for Geoff Diehl for the U.S. Senate in November during WGBH News' televised debate Wednesday night.

Baker endorsed Diehl, and the entire Republican ticket, after the primary election. But during the debate, Baker stressed that he had not made a decision on voting for Diehl. Speaking to reporters minutes after the debate, Baker backtracked and confirmed that he would, indeed, be voting for Diehl.

Two days after the debate, Diehl addressed the issue during an interview with WGBH News Friday morning. “I mean Charlie Baker and I [have] both been running different races, and he's clearly made it known that he's supporting me and the ticket,” Diehl said.

“I'm supporting him and the ticket as well,” Diehl said. “And I'm looking forward to being a strong partner for him down in Washington.”

Diehl is set to take on his opponent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, during a televised debate Friday night and another on Sunday night.

The general election is November 6.