Senate President Harriette Chandler told Boston Public Radio she has been in contact with Sen. Stan Rosenberg, who has been on leave amid an ethics inquiry into accusations of misconduct against Rosenberg’s husband Bryon Hefner.

He’s a sitting senator, he was elected by the people of Amherst, his district, and he comes to caucuses, he comes to formal sessions,” Chandler said. “I think it’s a difficult time for him, it’s a very difficult time.”

Chandler said she has been largely uninvolved with the ethics investigation and is unsure about its status. “I can’t tell you, I wish I could give you an answer but it’s in the ethics committee, it’s being handled by an independent investigator, and I think you’d have to talk to them,” Chandler said. “I have no contact with it at all.”

This comes as Sen. Karen Spilka says she has enough votes to become the next Senate president, according to a statement Spilka made Wednesday that she was looking forward to a "smooth transition." 

The timeline of the transition is still yet to be announced.