President Donald Trump is on the verge of the first major legislative victory of his presidency. The Senate passed the Republican-backed tax overhaul just after midnight, and the House is set to approve the bill once again after their vote yesterday did not comply with some procedural rules in the Senate. But today's vote in the House is considered a formality. The Republicans are set to pass a tax overhaul that did not have a single vote of support from a Democrat in either chamber.

WGBH's Morning Edition spoke with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire), who opposed the legislation.

Shaheen reiterated talking points used by most congressional Democrats: the GOP's claim that the bill is a boon to the middle class is deceptive and the argument that cutting corporate tax rates would kick-start the economy is divorced from economic reality.

However, a small contingent of conservative mainstream economists do support the claim that freeing up more money for corporations could lead to added investment in the American economy.

As multiple bipartisan projections predict a negative affect on the majority of Americans, Shaheen says the worst effects could still come to the surface after the legislation is enacted.


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