Telling reporters he wants to "stick to his day job," and not get further involved with presidential politics, Gov. Charlie Baker Friday reacted to news that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed businessman Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

"I'm not disappointed, but I'm surprised," Baker said of Christie's surprise endorsement of the current leader in the GOP race. Baker endorsed Christie's campaign for president before the New Hampshire primary earlier this month before Christie dropped his bid.

"Chris Christie is very much his own man and that's part of what made him an attractive candidate for me, but I don't think his endorsement of Donald Trump says much of anything about why I chose to endorse him," Baker told reporters outside his office.

When pressed to explain why he was surprised, Baker said he guessed that Christie would not participate in any campaign at this point.

"But, you know, it's up to him to make his own decision about that sort of thing," Baker said.

Baker said he has not made up his mind on who he will vote for, if any candidate, during the March 1 Massachusetts primary. Baker did say he does not anticipate voting for Trump.

Baker's political mentor, former Gov. William Weld, recently announced his support for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Baker wouldn't answer speculation that Kasich would be his own choice out of the current field of candidates.

"Bill Weld's a big boy, he can choose to endorse whoever he wants," Baker said.