The Massachusetts House passed legislation Wednesday making it easier for residents to register to vote and cast ballots.

The House bill would let Massachusetts citizens register to vote online and to vote early in presidential election years. Under the proposal, voters would be able to cast ballots up to 10 days before election day.

State Rep. Linda Campbell of Methuen says the measure would shorten lines at polling places.

“This legislation will be very much appreciated by senior citizens and the disabled population in the commonwealth, who, because of disabilities and age, sometimes face real challenges with parking and standing in line to vote," Campbell said. "It will be greatly appreciated by the many in the commonwealth who travel all over the world in conjunction with their employment.”

There is still some disagreement over whether Massachusetts can allow early voting without changing the state constitution.

The Senate isn’t expected to take up the bill until 2014. It's among a long list of unfinished business as the legislature ends formal sessions for the year.

More than 500,000 low-wage workers will also have to wait to see if their incomes go up. While the Senate passed a bill this week raising the minimum wage, the House has decided to put it off.