Boston mayoral candidate John Connolly has downplayed his work as a corporate lawyer during his campaign for City Hall, instead focusing on his work as a teacher.

WGBH News political analyst David Bernstein said he thinks it's a non-issue, but in a post on WGBH News' new political blog, The Scrum, our own Adam Reilly disagreed:

Problem is, education and ed reform haven't been Connolly's "life's work," at least as most people would define that phrase. Yes, Connolly spent a few years after college working as a teacher. And yes, he's been passionate about reforming Boston's education status quo, as a city councilor and throughout the current mayoral campaign. But after he stopped teaching, Connolly spent a hefty chunk of his life pursuing a career as a lawyer, attending law school at Boston College and then working as an attorney for 12 years. That's a big commitment — but on his campaign website, on the stump, and in interviews, Connolly either treats it as a parenthetical or doesn't mention it at all.