Scott Brown’s campaign bus took on a new passenger: former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

At a stop in the North End, the Senator criticized the President and Brown's challenger , Elizabeth Warren, over the new jobs numbers. Employers added 171000 jobs in October, but the unemployment rate rose slightly to 7.9%.  Giuliani praised Brown for what he called a bi-partisan approach to government.  His visit was meant to reinforce Brown's independent voting record. The two toured the  historic North End to single out old businesses that they said were built by the owners, visited Mike's Pastry and shook hands with voters.  Dozens of Brown supporters crowded the corner of Cross St and Hanover to hear the two Republican standard bearers.     

Giuliani, famous for being resolute in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, has said President Obama’s much -praised handling of Hurricane Sandy's aftermath  is no reason to re-elect him.  But the former NYC Mayor and Presidential candidate used most of his time praising Brown and criticizing Warren.   As Brown’s campaign heads towards a close, his bus is heading West to the Berkshires and beyond in search of votes.