Five points down in the latest poll, Sen. Scott Brown brought a national figure into the closely fought Senate race with Democrat Elizabeth Warren on Oct. 24: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Dozens of Brown's supporters filled the parking lot of the Aegean, a popular Greek restaurant in Watertown, Mass. The incumbent was the main attraction — but the supporters were also there to see and hear New Jersey’s often controversial and outspoken governor: Chris Christie. With Brown by his side, Christie fired up the troops with bumper-sticker slogans, political analysis and back-slapping humor.

Brown said that he was not worried about the latest poll results showing him five points behind Elizabeth Warren. But the presence of Christie, one of the Republican Party’s stars, suggested that the Senator was leaving nothing to chance.

Brown and Christie went inside the restaurant, shook hands, took photos with patrons and chatted up supporters. Bipartisanship was the theme at the event and independent voter Robin Irvine of Marshfield said that is why she supports Brown.

"I feel he is somebody that can get the job done and that he can actually work both sides of the aisle. There's no middle ground in Washington and I really feel that he can run down the middle and work both sides and find a common ground," she said.

With barely two weeks left, Elizabeth Warren is also bringing in outside help with former Sen. Max Cleland by her side over the weekend of Oct. 20. Warren has continued to point out that a win for Brown could lead to Republican control of Congress, which would block President Obama’s policies if he’s re-elected.

Meanwhile, Christie — who has had many clashes with trade unions in his own state —  urged rank-and-file union members in Massachusetts to get behind Brown, who, he argued, understands working people and could work both sides of the aisle for their sake.