This is the first in a series of online fact sheets to give you an overview of each of our 30 Issues and spur further research.

What the Candidates Think  

Obama: In his presidential platform, President Barack Obama reportsto have created 4.6 million jobs in the private sector over the past 30 months, including over 500,000 jobs created in manufacturing. 

When accepting the party nomination at the Democratic National Convention, Obama vouchedthat he would steer America towards energy independence, a path that he believes would create “600,000 jobs in natural gas alone” by 2020. 

Romney:  In Mitt Romney’s speech accepting the Republican nomination, he announced a plan to create 12 million jobs by achieving American energy independence, expanding trade, preparing citizens for jobs in growth sectors, cutting the deficit and investing in small business. According to his presidential platform, Romney will achieve economic growth by “[rebuilding] the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work and innovation.”

The lowest rate of unemployment for 2012 has been 7.8% (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Think More About It

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