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Marilyn Schairer


Marilyn Schairer is a broadcast journalist veteran, who produces WGBH’s Morning Edition with host Bob Seay, weekdays at 5­:10 a.m. As the show producer, she oversees five ­hours of LIVE radio, writes 21 ­newscasts, books LIVE guests and alternates feature segments with NPR each hour.  

Schairer began her career with WGBH in May, 2012, hosting for Bob Seay, which she occasionally still does. She and the Morning Edition team are up long ­before sunrise planning the day ahead, and stay hours after the program signs off the air, to begin preparations for the next day and to post interviews to the website.

Schairer is a native New Yorker, who began her career in radio, working her first job out of college at WLIM radio in Patchogue, NY, where she earned an Associated Press Award for reporting. She has spent most of her lengthy­ career as a television reporter in Providence, RI, Norwalk, CT, and Long Island, NY.

As a three­-time New England Emmy nominee for her television anchoring and reporting duties, Schairer is most proud of her 5-­part hard news series on physician assisted suicide, in which she reported about the life of Rhode Islander Noel Earley, a man who was dying of ALS Disease. Schairer also did television weather forecasting for six years, at WPRI­TV and WLNE­TV in Providence.

Schairer loves her work almost as much as she loves her four children. When she’s not working, she enjoys teaching pilates, practicing yoga, and relaxing at the beach, any beach!